Britney Spears Featured RX This Day In Pop

This Day In Pop: Britney’s History-Making SNL Debut

19-years-ago, Britney Spears still had a lot to prove.

This Day In Pop is a reoccurring RX piece, where BreatheHeavy examines a monumental anniversary in pop music. Whether it be a blockbuster release, game-changing performance, live mishap, or something in between, we’re here to dig through the archives and highlight some of the biggest moments in pop music history.

On May 13th 2000, Britney became the youngest person in history to take on double duty at Saturday Night Live as the host and performer just three days before her second album was unleashed to the world.

With many critics likely waiting for her to fall victim to the dreaded sophomore slump curse so they could write her off as a one-hit wonder, the pressure would’ve been crippling for many. Not Britney, though.