Looks like every mag is spinning the beach pictures a certain way this week. Either she looks great (which she does), or she’s fat and pregnant. In Touch Weekly decided to take the low road and continue to say she’s got a baby bump. Not only that, but she’s “showing it off.” 5 bucks says when they get sued for this cover, they’ll claim they didn’t mean “baby bump,” just… “fat bump.” There’s only so many times you can get mad at these wannabe magazines until you’re just so over it you couldn’t give two shits. You know for a fact their editor is some psycho emotional wreck that uses her magazine as her therapy. The reporters are prob just as nuts. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

And good ol’ Rats mag is playing nice this week by featuring the beach pictures. Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if they threw her under the “worst” category despite the fact they labeled her on the cover with one of the best. In fact, let’s not even give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s just assume they’re cunts as usual and are saying Britney has a bad beach body. In that case they can join In Touch and jump off a cliff. Anyway, golf claps for Star for this week.

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