Tabloid: Team Britney Shields Britney From Bad Reviews

Tabloid reports claim Britney’s team is shielding her from “bad press” Britney Jean received.

“Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, and father, Jamie, won’t allow her to see any of the bad reviews,” claims Radar Online.

“Britney doesn’t even have access to the internet and lives in a bubble! Her team will allow her to believe that the album is being well received. No-one wants to upset Britney. If she were to read anything negative, it could send her into a bad tailspin and both Larry and Jamie know that can’t happen with her upcoming shows in Vegas about to launch.”

The story picked up speed when Wendy Williams gabbed about it on her talk show, saying the reports make Britney sound “not well.” Starts at 9:21.

Complete BS – a story came out like this a few years back and her reps shot it down then.

Here are some positive reviews to counter this ridiculous claim from the oh-so-trustworthy Radar Online.

USA Today
“As a musical reintroduction, certainly, Britney Jean offers as much grace as anyone could have expected.”

Rolling Stone
“‘Britney Jean’ continues the roll she’s been on in recent years… Britney remains the queen who out-bangs, outbooms, out-bizarres them all.”

“Britney Jean,” her first album released in her thirties, is a subtle shift away from frantic bangers and into more forthright songwriting.'”

Entertainment Weekly
“In just 10 tidy songs, it brings us closer than ever before to this distant dreamer.'”

Now Magazine
“Over eight albums, her somewhat inscrutable je ne sais quoi has never really faltered.”

Time Out
“Britney’s latest is a mixed bag, but at least she’s found her voice again.”