You wanna hot body?

You wanna hot body?

Apparently RadarOnline does not, cause they labeling the princess of pop’s love of staying in shape an addiction. They published a report claiming Miss Brit is “obsessed” with staying in shape to impress her hunky fitness model boyfriend, Sam Asghari. Sam is a smoke show, so I don’t blame the Queen, but this article was too trashtastic not to dissect and obliterate it.


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See what Exhale is saying about this.

I want you to read these quotes from RO carefully. Remember, someone was actually paid to write this.

RO: “[Britney] looks amazing and she’s got her best body ever, but she’s letting her obsession with diet and fitness rule her life to an unhealthy degree.”

*Says she achieved her best body ever, calls it unhealthy.* K.

RO: “She’s so self-conscious and can’t go five seconds without talking about cleanses or weight training.”

*Literally everyone who cares about fitness.*

RO: “Spears is desperate to stay slim and hold onto her hotness.”


RO: “Even though she looks incredible, she still Photoshops her selfies all the time.”


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RO: “It’s as if she’s on a weird mission to constantly look picture perfect. She’s always scrutinizing her reflection in the mirror and sometimes takes 50 photos before she’ll post one to Instagram.”

*It’s as if the entire world criticizes her appearance. Also, is taking 50 photos before choosing one for the Gram not the standard? Asking for a friend.*

RO: “People are happy that Britney is taking care of herself, but now it’s getting in the way of her having fun.”



some days you just got to dance! @samasghari

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I think Radar needs to get to work work.

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