She just don’t need permission, make her own decisions – that’s her prerogative.

Britney’s remained under the control of a conservatorship for years, and though it was beneficial in the beginning, she now feels she’s ready to regain control of her life.

Brit’s dad Jamie Spears oversees her personal affairs while co-conservator Andrew Wallet handles the money. Britney is fine with that, she just wants it out of the court room.

An insider tells Life & Style:

“She doesn’t like how Jamie spends her money. Over the years, he’s tried to open separate business ventures with Britney’s money that haven’t been successful. He also makes a percentage off her shows in Vegas – and he’s already convinced her to extend the residency once when she didn’t want to. Now he wants Brit to do it another two years.”

YAY! I mean, yay?

“Britney is tired of having to get permission to live her life and spend her money,” says an insider. “She feels like she’s already proven that she’s been healthy for a long time.”

“She’s tired of being controlled. Britney wants to take back the reins on her life and career.”

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