Besides the paparazzi flashing bulbs while they were camped outside the studio, VMA 2007 performer T-Pain says working with Britney Spears was relatively event-free. He was in the lab with Spears a few months ago — right in the wake of her head-shaving episode, although Pain describes the pop superstar as normal. So normal they were able to knock out three songs — “Cold as Fire,” “Boyfriend” and “One of a Kind” — in a short amount of time.

When she met up with Pain in the studio, “she had a wig and cowboy hat on,” he told us last week while in town for Screamfest ’07 (see “Jay-Z, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Diddy, T.I., Ciara, Swizz Beatz Make Hip-Hop History At NYC Show”). “She came in there, shook my hand and went right into the booth. She was smiling the whole time. In an hour we had a song. I sang it first and she sung over what I did … in key and everything! Then did a whole ‘nother song. She was about her business.

“I came out the studio and … across the street [were] people with cameras on top of the building and waiting for her to come outside,” he continued. “I come out, they are like, ‘Oh, oh … stop.’ I was like, ‘What about me? I got hits.’ “

Source: MTV

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