You can have whatever you like.

“Every one of us must do something to contribute to transforming our community for the better,” T.I. wrote in an open letter posted on Ebony one day after President Trump’s inauguration. He was specifically taking aim at black communities embracing consumerism, urged “US” not to blame everything on “the system” and educate children outside of the school systems because the “system was not designed to lift US out of oppression.”

However, his message did not extend to everybody. A video of a man, who appears to be briefly touching T.I.’s *** during one of his recent performances, sparked outrage from the rapper. He stopped mid-way through “Whatever You Like” to address the unidentified male fan, screaming: “What the **** wrong with you homie? I’ll **** you up.”

Then he takes to the mic to warn the fan if he ever touched his *** again, he’d “beat yo motha ******’ ***.”

What happened to transforming our community for the better? Here’s the clip:

#PressPlay: #TI shut that down quick, fast, and in a hurry ?? moral of the story: keep your hands to yourself!

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Being famous does NOT give other people a pass to fondle them, but his reaction was overboard.

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