Indie-pop powerhouse singer Sydney Jaffe gets “Reckless” on new song.

Indie-pop powerhouse singer Sydney Jaffe gets “Reckless” on new song.

Infatuation is a funny thing. It encourages you to lose all inhibition and do things your sensible self would be appalled at. But everyone knows the beginning stages of a relationship are some of the best. Sydney’s new song “Reckless,” which premieres on today (Jan. 18), highlights those beautiful, insufferable moments.

“I had a little summer fling and at the time, we weren’t really thinking about how living in different states would affect our relationship lasting, all we were thinking and talking about was everything we could do together,” the singer tells BH of the song’s concept. “I’m always down to go and do things that people don’t usually do in their everyday lives, so we would just talk endlessly about all of our opportunities to do activities that required us to get a little crazy. Also, my whole life I’ve been a pretty big rule follower so being able to talk about how reckless I really do want to get sometimes was kind of an amazing experience.”

Ah, love. She continues: “I think that this song is really about having fun with your life while your young. The best part about growing up is that you learn from every experience. It’s amazing to have people you can get wild with, so why not do something a little reckless or something you never thought you would do?”

“Wanna make out on a car / Wanna sneak into a bar but can’t get in,” Sydney sings on the sugary pop gem. There’s some ‘2000s production vibes laced all over it. I’m feeling nostalgic! “I’ve been waiting too long / Wanna slow dance in the street / Wanna feel your guilty hands all over me / I’ve been waiting too long.”

Give this guilty pleasure a spin below:

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