Katy Perry is recording new music right now!



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Katy Perry just linked up with Max Martin in Sweden!

Read the original report below afterward – Katy is currently recording new music, and Max most likely will play a hand in that. 

Martin co-produced most of Witness, so this is very good news.


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I can’t even remember the last time I wrote a music-related Katy Perry story. Her wackadoo personality has eclipsed everything Witness-related, but there’s a recording artist still inside and she’s coming out to play.

Ahead of Saturday’s benefit concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl, Katy spoke with The Independent about why the event is so important to her, and in doing so confirmed new music is on the way.


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Here’s a copy + paste quote from the interview:

Have you visited any of the scenes of destruction in Montecito?

“Yes, I just came from the Secret Garden, which is the studio I used to record my last two albums,” Katy said. “It’s on a hill in Montecito, and fortunately it was spared, but there was debris flow all around it, and you can see that houses right nearby were completely destroyed. It’s one of only two houses left on that street. I’ve spent thousands of hours in that studio over the last five years. It’s so wild that this could even happen. It’s like a nightmare come to life, a fever dream where the walls are moving in. I can’t imagine the trauma and devastation it must have caused for the people who experienced it.”

Of course it’s disheartening that so many people were affected by the fires and mudslides, but there’s a glimmering beacon of hope! Katy Perry is moving on from Witness.


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