The interviews that’ve recently hit the net have been nothing but cookie-cutter answers and lots of “Um, and… you know? it’s really cool, fun and exciting” type of answers. I love Britney, but what the ****. I get it, she eats clean and loves Adele, but what are her thoughts on how super-stardom has gripped her adult life, how she feels about the conservatorship, her fears, what gives her strength, you know… the side that’s not Britney Spears The Popstar, rather Britney The Girl From Louisiana; a girl who’s made it through the dark and finds an inner power she wants to share with the world because she can.

Instead she’s thrusted in front of the camera for 5 minutes exactly to answer pre-approved questions from journalists who are only going along with it because, hey, it’s ******’ Britney Spears. One interviewer is breaking his silence and wrote a public story of how ridiculous the entire experience was for him as a writer.

Censorship and collusion makes the interview with Britney absurd

On his meeting with popstar Britney Spears LONDON. “What do you hope the future will bring?” It is one of the questions I was forbidden to ask Britney Spears. Singer’s management requires strict control over everything she says for the upcoming European tour. Censored questions and secret agreements on how the material handled is required to get an interview at all.

“Hit me baby one more time!” I just want to scream it at her. Get some sort of reaction. Britney Spears is one and a half feet away, but it might as well be across the Atlantic.

Britney’s eyes are absent and the recently released pictures of the English glossy women’s magazine Glamour is clearly heavily retouched.

The singer is still incapacitated, and father James is in charge. How he and the manager and boyfriend Jason Trawick may have agreed to allow her to do television interviews I do not understand. In a filmed interview, it is of course clear that she did not want to be here. The bright eyes that are constantly seeking the approval somewhere behind me with one of all advisors are more visible in a TV camera than anywhere else. But it’s not my choice.

On the other hand, her PR people, even before the so-called interview, have done everything possible to destroy all possibility of journalistic work. They have deleted half of my questions that I had to send in advance. I could not ask about her cooperation with Swedish songwriters, I could not ask about Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez, Britney’s successors in the Disney industry, I could not ask about Chris Cockers world famous “Leave Britney Alone” clip, and they had even deleted the question “What do you hope the future will bring?”.

I have also been forced to accept a secret agreement on how the interview is handled. The details will not be revealed, but I had to ask Aftonbladet’s highest managers if we could possibly go along with the more than peculiar requirements about how the TV interview, cut and otherwise used. After several trips we decided to say yes. The reason is simple, Britney is one of the world’s most famous artists, an icon of Swedish journalists rarely have the opportunity to interview.

The tour, which is on its way to Sweden in October, has been hailed in the U.S. and I have no doubt that Britney Spears loves to be on stage and she really gives the audience what they want. But now that I have interviewed her – one of the greatest pop icons, just as famous for her collapsed private life, as her hits and millions and millions of records sold. I still can not say that I truly met her. They promised 15 minutes, but the interview was shortened to 8 minutes and 44 seconds.

The only thing I wonder, during our brief encounter is how she feels, why she looks so uncomfortable during the interview and if she is as she sang back in 2001 feel “over protected” by everyone around. When I try to get answers to those questions, the interview abruptly ended. And I do not believe a word of her response.

As much as I struggle finding a common balance between expressing my own views about this and playing along with it all, I can’t help but feel compelled to post stories like this. Some fans think I’m an ******* and a “flop fan,” but turning a blind eye to this situation and worshipping the ground she walks on does not make you a better fan. Rather, just foolish.

There, I said it.

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