I sound like a broken record lately, but now more than ever it is important for Britney to have good people in her life.

Sam is one of the select few I trust to be in Britney’s life right now. He defends her at his own expense and is honorable while doing so. Sam is one of the only men in her life that hasn’t turned around and stabbed her in the back, or used her for their 15 minutes. In fact he strays away from the lime light, and refuses any money offered to talk about Britney. In August, Sam spoke to X17 about Britney, and had only encouraging and positive things to say. Britney is lucky to have him.

Alli is basically the only other person I trust to be a part of Britney’s life. I mean, have we ever see her get out of the car and make a big deal and start screaming dramatics to be photographed, or selling her out to the tabloids? No, we haven’t. B is always smiling around her. Britney is lucky to have her.

They have Britney’s best interests at heart. I hope she sees that. I hope you see that, Britney.

– BreatheHeavy.com

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