Three of the five Spice Girls still got that boom boom pop.


Three of the five Spice Girls still got that boom boom pop.

To celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Spice Girls, Mel B, Geri and Emma have plans to perform a show at Hyde Park next July. Since Mel C and Victoria Beckham are opting out of the reunion, the remaining members are planning to hold auditions for two more women to join them.

When asked why Mel C and Beckham weren’t participating, Mel B jokingly said “because the other ******* didn’t want to do it,” adding: “I don’t think we could ever replace Sporty or Posh but I’d like to invite other people to sing with us.”

For now, they’re going by the name GEM (an acronym for Geri, Emma and Mel) and have a new track titled “Song For Her” that miraculously made its way online via a Spice Girls Facebook fan page just in time for Thanksgiving (soo thankful).

“You know, us girls love creating stuff,” Emma said of the song. “We went and had a laugh in the studio. It’s not a single, it’s just we were creating. It’s just a demo and somehow it has got out there.”


The tune is a kids-friendly feel good bop that’s a delicious nostalgic throwback to their debut material.

“Kids are laughing / It’s 4 in the morning,” Emma sings. “Can’t help smiling / Can’t help yawning,” Mel C follows up. Then Geri chimes in: “Think I’ll be climbing forever.”

Yes, definitely one of the weakest releases of 2016, but you’re going to listen to it on repeat anyway.

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