Smells like a cologne and candy lotion.

Smells like a cologne and candy lotion.

New year, new perfume! The latest is titled Fantasy In Bloom, and it’s one of many takes on Fantasy, a scent she debuted in 2005.

The fragrance, produced by Elizabeth Arden, is already being sold in select stores as of today. The packaging features a new promo of Britney wearing a pastel pink dress with cherry blossom trees blooming behind her.

No word on what the scent smells like yet, but I imagine it’s floral scented.

Britney hasn’t mentioned the perfume on her social channels, but expect an announcement sooner than later.

In 2012, it was reported Britney’s fragrances raked in more than $1.5 billion, so five years later… it’s safe to say she’s crossed the $2 billion threshold. BILLION.

Here’s a list of the other Fantasy spinoffs:

Midnight Fantasy
Hidden Fantasy
Circus Fantasy
Fantasy Fantasy
Island Fantasy
Fantasy: Anniversary Edition
Fantasy: The Nice Remix
Fantasy: The Naughty Remix
Fantasy: Stage Edition
Rocker Femme Fantasy
Fantasy: The Intimate Edition
Maui Fantasy

The rest include:

Curious: In Control
Curious Heart
Cosmic Radiance
Private Show

Welcome to the fam, Bloom In Fantasy.

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