When fierce meets grunge.

Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying of Pentatonix, aka SUPERFRUIT, released their debut EP last month, and it’s one of the best releases this summer. The first installment is Future Friends – Part One and features seven new tunes, including “Imaginary Parties,” “Bad 4 Us,” “Worth It (Perfect),” “**** Ladies,” “Heartthrob,” the EP title track “Future Friends” and “Vacation.” The duo premiered a video for the latter track today (July 28).

In it, Mitch and Scott rock an array of flamboyant outfits that don’t particularly pair well with the different grungy atmospheres they plopped themselves in – like a construction site, dumpsters, an electrical site and under a bridge – but that’s the beauty of it. The clip eventually gets a little trippy and colorful, because that’s the essence of Superfruit #slay.

Give the video a spin below:

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