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July 15, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Brit out … of the hotel pool, that is

BRITNEY SPEARS has chosen the famous Beverly Hills Hotel for her wedding to dancer KEVIN FEDERLINE.

The pop princess is planning to marry on November 20 — and has already got in some practice for her wedding night, as our pictures show.

Britney, seen here getting raunchy with her fiancé by a hotel pool, decided the old fashioned Hollywood hotel would provide the perfect romantic setting.

Taking a break … from her pink bikini

These latest pictures come three days after the singer was photographed swigging from a miniature whisky bottle in the middle of the afternoon.

I think it’s fair to say Britney is now a bona fide rock ’n’ roll icon.

She is prepared to fork out £1million for her big day and is spending more than £100,000 alone on special white tulips which she wants flown in from Amsterdam.

Jest a minute … the pair fool
around on a sun lounger

An insider who works for the Beverly Hills wedding planner who Britney has hired, said: “She loves the tulips and wants the whole place decked out with them.

“She has also specified that she wants 300 bottles of expensive Cristal champagne.

“She hasn’t decided on a wedding breakfast menu yet but has said she isn’t skimping on anything. She said she wants a massive affair that is nothing like the Las Vegas cheap wedding she had before, which was annulled after just 55 hours.

Oops … Britney’s got cellulite

“Britney is already having her white wedding dress designed and says it will be very traditional.

“She is having five bridesmaids including her sister Jamie and one of her oldest friends from school. She has been scouring wedding magazines for ideas but her mum Lynne has a lot of input too.

Get a grip … cheeky Britney pounces

“Kevin just goes along with anything they say.

“The plans are getting more and more lavish by the day. It’s real fairytale stuff. She had originally decided on the Bel Air hotel but then moved it to the Beverly Hills.”

Tight spot … grabbing Kevin’s attention

The hotel is one of the oldest and most famous in Los Angeles.

OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE renewed their wedding vows there in 2003 and it was a regular haunt of Hollywood legends such as MARILYN MONROE and ROCK HUDSON.


GROOM: Jason Alexander
DATE: January 2004
LOCATION: Little White Chapel, Las Vegas
OUTFIT: T-shirt, baseball
cap, ripped jeans (no knickers) COST: £500

GROOM: Kevin Federline
DATE: November 2004
LOCATION: Beverly Hills Hotel, California
FLOWERS: £100,000
OUTFIT: Couture
designer gown
COST: £1million

On Wednesday Lynne revealed that plans for the wedding were “well ahead” and said: “All I want for her is something really nice, something really beautiful.”

My pictures show the raunchy singer shoving her hands down Kevin’s pants as they snog on a balcony at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in LA.

Bingo! … he can’t resist her charms

And as the pair sunbathe by the pool, Britney reveals that she too can’t avoid the dreaded orange peel. Although just 22, she clearly has a spot of cellulite on her bum.

But it’s not all bad news for Brit — she looks truly sensational with her impressive tan as she climbs in and out of the pool.

And at least she has taken The Sun’s tip and changed that stinky pink bikini that we revealed she had worn for four days in Hawaii recently.

WOW — there’s her publicity stunt of the week. :laughing: I think that’s hilarious, oh and the cellulite on her ***, I can make that in photoshop in 5 seconds, her *** is beautiful, the sun is retarded, but some of these pix were awesome lmao. Please don’t ***** on the tagboard if you don’t like the article…