We’ve just hit peak 90’s nostalgia.


No Buzzfeed list will ever encapsulate the 90’s as much as this new super-group’s members.

Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath, and the guy from the band Better Than Ezra have teamed up to form the super group Uncle Ezra Ray. No, this is not a joke.

Full disclosure, Sugar Ray was my favorite band in middle school. Their album,14:59, is still a masterpiece and no one will tell me otherwise. “Every Morning” and “Someday” remain among the most flawless pop songs ever written, but I digress.

In an effort to prove their hipness in this new decade of THOTS and BAEs, the trio of 40 somethings have appropriately named their new song “BYHB”, standing for bring your hot body…obviously.

The song is basically made to be the future soundtrack for a Bud-Light Lime commercial. Its chorus is as poppy and meaningless, perfect for a summer filler song.

Can I get a beep beep? Naw that ain’t a truck-truck
Got me thinkin’ uh-huh when she backin’ up-up
Hey la-di-la-day, splash of Bacardi
B-Y-H-B, bring your hot bo-day!

“BYHB” is so unapologetically 90’s and cheesy that I can’t resist its calculated charm; it will promptly be added to my summer beach mix.

If you, like me, have a soft spot for 90’s nostalgia and can’t wait to hear more from Uncle Ezra Ray, you can catch them on tour this summer.

Are you feeling Uncle Ezra Ray?