We’re a ways away from new Britney music, but her fans’ juices always flow. Exhale member spearitz created this cool album artwork and concept.

It would be called “INFINITY”, meaning she’s eternal and will live on. The intro song is called “Infinity (Here to Stay)” and proves she’s in charge.

The album’s not futuristic, its main visual references would be: attitude, nature, cosmic, universe and sparkle. It wouldn’t feature the album’s name. Only the Infinity symbol, referring to a number 8, cause it’s her 8th album.

The first single would be “Humaine” featuring will.i.am and Hitboy, but each would be given a short verse, after a bridge, they wouldn’t dominate the song. The song would be produced by Woodkid and would feature melancolic melodies and tribal sounds. Natural vocals ftw.

On the rest of the album, there would be features with: Snoop Lion, Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks.
Also a song for her boys, called “Little Big Love”

I gave into the idea of will.i.am co-executive producing it with Britney. Here’s the spread of the album:

(Click for HQ in XRAY)


Love the creativity and thought behind this! Post a comment in this thread and let us know what YOU think. I’d love to see more Album 8 concept art from fans. Email me with yours at breatheheavydotcom[@]gmail.com and I’ll make another post down the road with em’. If you haven’t already, register an account and start interacting with your fellow Britney fans.

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