The guys embark on their Friendzone tour today and debut a music video for “Waterbed.”

Stream The Chainsmokers' New EP 'Bouquet'

It’s a big day for The Chainsmokers.

Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers kick off The Friendzone Tour today (Oct. 23) in Nashville, TN. Not only that, but the guys also dropped a five-song EP titled Bouquet.

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They tell us via email:

“So today is really exciting because our year long of hard work comes to fruition as our Friendzone Tour starts today!! 2 tour busses across 40 + cities in North America with our Full Monte Stage production (its 3-D visual projection mapping we designed for our show)… so we are super psyched for that!!… BUT also our EP Bouquet dropped today! It’s 5 tracks, 4 we have released over the summer each month + our new single ‘New York City!'”

They also dropped a music video for one of the EP’s songs, “Waterbed.”

They add, “Also fyi we fully intend to keep up our release schedule of one song per month, which we find has been awesome! It gives our fans something new to enjoy frequently but also just enough time to for the song to shine and for us to make good music! Its been really fun and our partnership with Disruptor/Columbia Records has been awesome! We wish we would sit here and babble on but we got a show tonight and a bus to head to! so without further ado…”

Good luck tonight, gentlemen!