Stream Queen! Camila Cabello Has The Most Streamed Song By A Lead Female Act On Spotify Ever

May 30, 2018 By Jordan Miller

And covers Rolling Stone!


Camila Cabello is music’s newest stream queen.



It’s a big day for CC. She covers the latest issue of Rolling Stone, and was just crowned the new reigning female champion of Spotify.

According to, music listeners streamed Camila’s smash hit “Havana” over 887 million times, giving her the title of having the most streamed song by a lead female act on the streaming giant.

She commented on this achievement, calling it “insane.”



In her new issue of Rolling Stone, CC opened up about the track. She says the first 15 seconds of it seemed like a revelation, but for the rest of the track, “we reworked it and reworked it and reworked it. I would go to a studio session and get another person I really vibed with and try to come up with something, and nothing worked.” Then she and producer Dukes had a session with Pharrell on her birthday. They played him what they made of “Havana” thus far, and the rest was history.

“Nobody wanted to make it a single,” Cabello says. “They said that radio would never play it, that it was too slow, too chill.” Cabello fought for it. “It just taught me a huge lesson: Screw whatever’s ‘going to work’ – you just have to go with the thing that you feel is the most you.”

Read the full interview here.



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