OneRepublic’s new album ‘Oh My My’ is officially out!


OneRepublic’s new album Oh My My is officially out.

The guys had a hell of a few months gearing up to release their followup to 2013’s Native by releasing a string of songs ahead of the debut, including lead single “Wherever I Go,” “Kids” and “A.I.”

“Everything – you could do an entire album on a laptop these days, and some of the biggest records are all electronic laptop driven, and there’s a lot of humanity, I think, missing in radio,” Tedder said earlier this year of the record which took them 18 months to record (the longest span of time to make an album for the band ever). “And so we wanted to make sure that you could actually hear the human beings and the actual instruments that are in the actual songs, so that’s the last thing I’ll say. It’s new and very modern but there’s still a big dose of humanity in it because you can actually hear the players.”


And while we’ve got you, check out their new performance of “Colors” for Target:

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