Nelly made her own plan.

Nelly Furtado made her own plan when recording The Ride.

She wanted to remain an independent artist, throw out the autotune and collaborate with an executive producer (John Congleton) on a project that strayed away from the single contender route. Instead, she has high hopes for the collection of songs to gravitate towards listeners organically.

“We did this really intentional non-single approach. We were like, ‘Let’s just let people discover this digitally.’ Let’s just put it on Spotify and Apple Music, so that each song can fit into a different playlist,” Furtado tells Idolator. “A song like ‘Phoenix,’ which is a ballad, could really be on a sleep playlist because it’s so mellow and relaxing. But then you have a song like ‘Paris Sun,’ which could very well be on an indie-alternative playlist.”

In the months leading up to The Ride, Furtado shared a couple of tracks, including “Pipe Dreams”, “Cold Hard Truth” and “Phoenix.” On the latter, Furtado says the song was written from desperation.

“I was really, truly on empty by August of 2014. I was feeling very low. I was feeling very empty,” she continued. “I was just at that point where you’re at the bottom of the pool and you need to come up for air. And ‘Phoenix’ is the moment I touched bottom and started surfacing again. I had to pick myself up. I flew cold-turkey over to England, by myself, and found this bed-and-breakfast in rural England. I would lie in bed ask myself, “What are you doing here?” I hadn’t seen Mark in years, so I was basically working with strangers. But I pulled myself together and dusted off my laptop. Because if music can’t pull you out of this, nothing can, you know?”

The whole album is a resurgence of sorts. Listen to it below and read her entire interview with Idolator here.

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