Starts at 7am EST (currently 6:03 am EST).

UPDATE: It’s starting! (currently 7:00 am EST).

UPDATE 2: She’s on! (currently 8:18 am EST).

UPDATE 3: It’s over (currently 8:22 am EST).
She did AMAZING!
Britney performed “Circus” for the first time on her performance during Good Morning America! Dressed in tight black leather pants and a belly-baring top, Britney shook what her mama gave her. BRB – picking my jaw up off the floor.

UPDATE 4: She’s performing “Womanizer” in just a moment! (currently 8:31 am EST).

UPDATE 5: Another amazing performance! (currently 8:46 am EST).

UPDATE 6: Small chat at the end. They gave Britney an amazing Circus-themed birthday cake! (currently 8:52 am EST).

Pictures + video coming up.

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