You down, down, down?

Nothing or no one can hold Fifth Harmony down, down, down.

After Camila Cabello abruptly left Fifth Harmony, all hell broke loose. Both sides placed blame on the other, but here we are nearly a year later, the dust has settled, and the quartet has moved on gracefully with a new record in hand. It’s self-titled, a glaring statement that no matter what shakeups are thrown their way, they can handle it together, and they have. 5H is arguable the biggest girl group in the world right now, but do they have what it takes to beat the sophomore slump?

The first release off the record was the Gucci Mane-assisted track “Down.” The song performed alright. It debuted and peaked at No. 42 before taking a tumble down the charts. The girls followed up quickly with “Angel,” their Skrillex and Poo Bear-produced track that taps into the girls’ hip-hop roots. This one has potential to find a comfy spot on mainstream radio as the summer months begin to cool. Which leaves us with eight tracks left, including “Lonely Night,” “Make You Mad” and “Sauced Up” (start with the latter).

Fifth Harmony have proven they can take a hit and stand back up, though it’ll be interesting to see where the ladies go from here. It almost feels like this record was to prove a point, and that’s OK.

“We’re really experimenting with a lot of different sounds,” Ally Brooke Hernandez said of the record earlier this summer, adding that the album includes a mix of “strong pop melodies” as well as “dark urban sounds.” Kordei added that this time around they “wrote more than half of our album.” 5H made lemonade. Now it’s time to take a sip.

Stream Fifth Harmony below:

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