Dance straight through the weekend with DNCE.


Dance straight through the weekend with DNCE.

When the Joe Jonas-fronted band DNCE dropped “Cake By The Ocean” last year, it was evident we had hitmakers on our hands. Their EP SWAAY only featured a handful of songs, but each one was a legitimate senseless pop rock hybrid, and their new self-titled studio album is more of the same (with better tasting cake).

The LP, written mostly by Jonas with a team of Swedish songwriters and not so much his DNCE bandmates, searches for an identity as it bounces from one ***-themed song to the next. It’s essentially Joe Jonas‘ new studio album featuring the other people in the band (Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and JinJoo Lee).

“It’s tough for artists to get second chances in the music industry these days, and the fact that I get to do it with these guys who love music and are passionate and have a great time onstage is a dream come true,” Jonas told Rolling Stone last year ahead of their EP release. “Getting a chance to come at it like a new artist and a new band is incredible.”

The album doesn’t feature soul searching songs or anything of actual substance, but that’s not what Jonas had in mind. It’s a guilty pleasure, a collection of ridiculously catchy pop jams that’ll soundtrack your next few weeks in the shower or commute to work.


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