Listen to four slinky songs from Dawn Richard with production from


D∆WN and Kingdom get honest on their joint-collaboration EP Infrared.

Last week, fans were treated to one of the project’s cuts, “Honest,” a tribal ticking R&B cut that emphasizes D∆WN’s sensual-side. “I’m not over you,” she sings to a trembling beat and a subtle haunting background vocal. “I wanna be next to you, right next to you. I wanna be honest.”

The EP also features “How I Get It,” “Paint It Blue” and “Baptize.”

“Infrared is invisible radiant energy,” D∆WN said. “It is invisible to human eyes, but people can feel it as heat.”

“From first meet, I knew D∆WN and I could create some great thing together. She instantly gravitated towards these four productions,” Kingdom tells The Fader. “‘How I Get It’ is one we made on the spot together, even with just chimes and a snap laid down, D∆WN knew exactly how to ride the beat to give it the undeniable attitude that carries the whole song. Working with the Fade To Mind team, it seemed like she felt safe bringing out her more vulnerable emotional side, with the productions creating space for that as well.”

“I’ve always appreciated Fade to Mind’s sound,” D∆WN added. “It only felt right to take do a special project with them that was curated around simplicity. We wanted something raw and personal. Something you haven’t heard from both parties.”

If you like what you hear, check D∆WN out on tour which kicks off this month in the U.S.

Listen below:

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