Stream Charli XCX's "Sucker"

Charli XCX’s album is available to stream on iTunes. Like, right now.

The record opens up just the way I imagined it would: “**** YOU, SUCKER!” she says on the title track.

Much of the music landed on the Internet ahead of its official release, including singles “Boom Clap,” “London Queen,” “Breaking Up” and standalone tracks like “Gold Coins,” “Famous,” “Die Tonight” and “Caught In The Middle.”

Watch the “Breaking Up” music video.

It’s a refreshing mix of originality and cocky punk pop perfect for an escape from your every day. Charli found her own sound and niche in today’s cliché market. This is definitely going to be my new jam, anyone who disagrees: F you, sucka!

Listen to Charli XCX’s “Sucker” album now:

Album review coming soon muahahaha.