Camila Cabello Is Her Authentic Self On New Album: Stream

January 11, 2018 By Jordan Miller

“I feel like the best way to come up with something new and different is just to be the you-est you possible.”

Stream Camila Cabello’s new album!

Everything has lead up to this. After years of suppressing her songwriting talents for the sake of Fifth Harmony, Camila had enough. It was now or never – if the singer wanted to grow her artistry, there was no choice but to part ways. It caused quite a commotion amongst the group’s fiery fanbase, and inspired an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs for the pop star.

After more than a year working on the record, which was originally titled, The Hurting, the Healing, the Loving, and a handful of releases later (including the Sia-penned, Benny Blanco-produced club banger “Crying In The Club”), Camila has finally unleashed her personal new LP.

CC co-wrote every song on it, including “Havana,” the Pharrell-produced global smash that has elevated the singer’s name into the digital stratosphere like never before (it’s currently at No. 2 on the Hot 100).

Camila is a 10-track collection of songs that dazzle, seven of which are never-before-heard. Camila released “Havana,” “Never Be The Same” (watch The Tonight Show performance of it here) and “Real Friends.”

The remaining songs are just as important.

Start with “Into It.” It’s an electro-tinged bop about falling head over heels.

“She Loves Control” is another gem. On it, Camila self-reflects about having things her way. “Bold. You know she lives for the thrill,” CC sings over frenetic production and a warm thumping beat. “All it takes is just one taste / She don’t wanna give it up.”

“I feel like the best way to come up with something new and different is just to be the you-est you possible,” Camila told the New York Times of writing her new record, which often pays homage to her Latin heritage. “If you pull from all the different little parts of yourself, nobody can replicate that.”

Stream Camila below beginning at midnight:

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