Stream queen!

Beyonce can pull some seriously massive numbers when it comes to streams (not counting Everything Is Love cause I know your brain went there). Weekend one of her performance at Coachella drew millions of spins, and she’s hoping lightning will strike twice when it comes to releasing her seventh studio album.

According to a report from The Sun, Bey wants her next visual album to premiere on Netflix. The streaming giant reportedly attempted to acquire the rights to beam Lemonade, but her contracts with Tidal and HBO stopped that from happening.

“Beyonce has been hard at work on her next solo album and it is shaping up well,” a source said. “She wants it to be even more ground-breaking and visually impressive than Lemonade, which is why she is scouting out locations which will really wow people.”

A Netflix project is indeed in the works, but it’s a documentary that centers around her performance at Coachella. Reports also refute that she’s readying a new album, rather recording a “couple of new tracks [for] a deluxe album filled with old songs.” We presume that means a greatest hits?

UPDATE: Netflix confirmed Beyonce’s Netflix special, Homecoming, arrives April 17th. Watch the trailer below:

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