Grand says he’s in a “very different place” than when he first released “All-American Boy.”


We don’t want a lot for Christmas, but Steve Grand’s cover of a holiday classic is just one thing we need.

Grand performed Michael Bublé’s version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation benefit in San Francisco on Dec. 7 before deciding to make a proper recording of it because he “really dug the arrangement.” Grand called in a few favors to complete the project with a proper visual and unleashed it onto the Internet days later – “a very, very quick turnaround,” as he puts it.

In the video directed by John Lavin, Grand is seen spending a magical day-in with the clip’s co-star, Trevor LaPaglia, but at the end his love fades away. Why? Grand answered that and several other questions we tossed his way.

“I like the viewer to be able to project their stories, their experiences onto what I’m presenting in the video,” Grand says of the video’s conclusion. “The way that I left it could really mean a lot of things. It could be a lover that I never had. It could be a lover that I lost or that died, or he could have never been there at all.”

Grand shot to fame with his self-produced music video for “All-American Boy” in 2013, and immediately felt the inherit pressures from basking in the white-hot spotlight.

“I’m in a very different place than I was two and-a-half years ago when I first released my music video for ‘All-American Boy.’ My life changed over night when I first released that video, and it was really a lot for anyone to take. I was just 23. I’m proud of the way that I handled a lot of the things and other things I of course would have done differently. I’ve had to come to terms with a lot.”

“I think when you get that much attention that quickly, you’re forced to face parts of yourself that you may not be comfortable with or that you may have never seen in yourself before. A lot of what these last two and-a-half years have been is me really confronting a lot of those things and being comfortable with it and really being at peace with all those parts of myself that maybe I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with before or didn’t have to look at.”

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