Two weeks after debuting the lyric video, Stereo Kicks unveil the official video for “Love Me So.”

Speaking of boy bands…

Following the news Stereo Kicks will appear at Birmingham Pride 2015 at the end of the month, the eight-piece band, made up by Barclay Beales, Chris Leonard, Tom Mann, James Graham, Reece Bibby, Jake Sims, Casey Johnson and Charlie Jones, released their new music video for “Love Me So.”

Watch the “Love Me So” lyric video

It’s a video you’d expect from the breakout boy band for their acoustic-style ballad, who longingly gaze into the camera in slow motion throughout most of the visual. Other clips show the boys partying (in slow motion) while competing for the attention of the female lead and camera time. Watching the crowd of testosterone prompts the questions: 1. Is eight people too many for a band? 7. Was S Club 7 pushing it way back when and 3. Can we excuse the crowd because their music generally sounds solid?

Watch the video above and let us know what you think in Exhale.