This is NOT the year to be in a band.


Massive herd of boybanders decides to call it a day before even starting the day.

Well, that was fast.

8-piece X Factor boy band Stereo Kicks are splitting up. The band took to Facebook to once again traumatize anyone who is a fan of people singing in groups this year:

A message to our fans…Hey Everybody,Let us start by saying what an AMAZING year it has been for all of us!As most…

Posted by Stereo Kicks on Saturday, 18 July 2015

The confirming quote:

“We all feel the time has come for us to now continue our journeys individually. We have learnt first-hand just how tough the industry is as an unsigned act. Unfortunately, due to these circumstances, we are no longer able to carry on as a band. Please understand that there is nothing more that you could have done and that this is a situation completely beyond both your control and ours. We have considered endless ways of how we might try to make this work, but it is logistically impossible for us to continue as Stereo Kicks. From the bottom of our hearts, we will be forever grateful for all of your hard work, support and love. We can’t thank you enough.”

You know their backstory by now: solo artists audition for X Factor, get thrown into group by judges, a single is released ASAP but time only tells if they end up catching on, or not. Obviously, whatever brief success Stereo Kicks found didn’t impress whoever pulls the strings behind the scenes.

The band spoke about the difficulties that came with remaining unsigned after X Factor. Groups like Little Mix and One Direction landed record deals immediately after their time on the famed reality show, which might’ve been the difference between success and failure.

Fans responded by trending #GetStereoKicksSigned worldwide on Twitter:

The band are finishing off some promotional performances together over the next few days, and will take to the stage one last time at Thorpe Park on July 25.

Do you think the Stereo Kicks band members will have successful solo careers?