Seriously, it’s a bop.

What a lovely surprise.

Steps’ comeback continues to shock as the ‘90s band have delivered another stellar pop song today with “You Make Me Whole.”

The dance-pop track starts bare to allow their voices to build together – and bringing more synths with every second – leading to a killer pre-chorus that reveals the song’s status as a thumping EDM banger.

“I act like I am better on my own / and baby when you’re gone / that’s when I know you make me whole,” the girls sing over soaring production.

“You Make Me Whole” is definitely ‘younger’ sounding than their disco-pop comeback single “Scared Of The Dark” in the way that they’ve definitely wanted to make a song that could be a club hit in 2017.

To be fair to them, it’s not hard to imagine Sia singing “You Make Me Whole” on a David Guetta album in 2014, or even Nicki Minaj during her “Pound The Alarm” days.

No shade, either way! David’s made some worthy hits in his time, and Pop Nicki delivered.

Listen to “You Make Me Whole” below.

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