ATV must stand for A Terrible (V)Accident, cause that’s like 5 seconds away from happening. Even if she’s not riding one just… just… step away. Sit on a chair. It’s easy! I’m doing it right now! So are ya’ll! Anyway, check out Jamie Lynn, in a hot neon shirt you can see from outer space, running some errands yesterday afternoon in Kentwood with Casey. If my girlfriend were 8 months pregnant I’d make her sit her *** in bed watching her favorite re-runs of “Saved By The Bell,” and hurl chocolate covered pickles in her direction. Alright who am I kidding… I’m going to be so whipped. Jamie Lynn and her boyfriend fiance Casey Aldridge are seen here picking up a trash can from their local Wal-Mart (amazing, I know), getting some Mc Donald’s (# 4 hold the onion), running through the car wash (hope they used wax), and “sitting” on ATVs. Groundbreaking stuff. May 18, 2008.


ps – she sure does walk like she’s 8 months pregnant. June 29th is approaching fast!

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