Here is a little something that post from time to time tracking the sales of Britney’s albums.

Chart Track For GH:

Week 1 (11.17.04) – #4 255k
Week 2 (11.24.04) – #12 101k
Week 3 (12.02.04) – #17 118k
Week 4 (12.09.04) – #30 65k

Total Weeks on the Market – 4
Total Weeks on the Chart – 4
Total Sales in the U.S.A.:474,000
Global sales Estimate: 4 million

This is only 4 weeks and its already sold half as much as In The Zone, here is a look at the sales of all of Britney Spears’ full albums (remember the newer they are the less time they’ve been in the stores):

Baby One More Time: 24 million
Oops I did It Again: 20 million
Britney: 11 million
In The Zone: 7.3 million
Greatest Hits: My Prerogative: 4 million

TOTAL: 66.3 million.

Yes that’s 66.3 MILLION albums sold, that blows most other artists out of the water, there are only about 5-10 artists/groups that can say that they’ve sold that many records, now thats power. thanks

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