As Britney Spears prepares to make her long-awaited comeback at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, the biggest names in Hollywood are weighing in on whether the embattled starlet can pull it off.

Jay-Z, who is nominated for two VMAs, told “Extra” he has high hopes for the star. “Look at Mariah Carey,” he said. “She had one of the hugest comebacks in musical history. So, you can’t rule anyone out.” In fact, the rap superstar said he wouldn’t rule out teaming up with Britney. “Well, she’s a talent,” he said, but would only work with her “if it was natural and organic.” He continued, “I wouldn’t want to just do it for the sake of just putting out a single. If the song was incredible, if she was serious about the project, then absolutely.”

Jay-Z is just one of many music greats who are in Britney’s corner.

Alicia Keys said, “I think that Britney is going to do fantastic. I think she knows who she wants to be, and she’s ready to do it now.”

Country crooner Carrie Underwood added, “She never ceases to amaze us, good or bad, but I think she’s going to do awesome.”

Ashlee Simpson, who made a comeback after an embarrassing lip-syncing gaffe on “Saturday Night Live,” said, “I wish her the best.”

Added Carmen Electra, “She’ll be great. She always makes her statement at the VMAs.”

It looks like everyone has their fingers crossed for Britney. MTV’s star-studded competition kicks off Sunday night.


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