Britney Spears has attacked Us Weekly for publishing private photos of her honeymoon on idyllic Turtle Island in Fiji last October. In a post on her Web site,, the 23-year-old pop star also took the opportunity to thank Star magazine, which had been offered the photos earlier but had declined to publish them as an invasion of privacy.

Britney writes: “I am disturbed by the photos and article that appeared in this week’s issue of Us Weekly magazine, which they call my ‘private honeymoon album’. Kevin and I chose a resort location where we were promised absolute privacy and seclusion.”

“Unfortunately staff members took photographs of us, which we allowed them to take once we were assured they were being taken only for private use in a scrap book they gave us as a souvenir of our honeymoon. Other magazines, including Star, contacted us when presented with these photographs and refused to publish them. Kevin and I thank those other magazines for respecting our rights of privacy.”

Star Editor-in-chief Joe Dolce said he was pleased to see the magazine thanked for its decision not to run the photos. He added, “When we were offered these photos we spoke to Britney’s people, and when they made it clear how important it was to her and Kevin to respect their privacy, we decided not to publish them. We hope they enjoyed their honeymoon!”

Earlier this week, Us Weekly faced criticism when it was alleged they had fabricated quotes from an actress they claimed had been the target of seduction by Brad Pitt in Greece last August. April Florio, 22, told Star that she hadn’t met up with Brad in Greece and had only met him once, briefly, at a party. She said, “The direct quotes that are supposedly from me in the magazine article are totally fabricated.” Pitt’s lawyer also told Star that the 41-year-old actor had never been to Greece.

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