Brit warns Kev: She won’t mommy-bond with Shar!

Kevin Federline is learning the hard way that motherhood isn’t mellowing Britney Spears when it comes to ex-flame, Shar Jackson.
Sources say Kevin,27, hoped the birth of their son, Sean Preston,on Sept 14, would spark a motherly bond between Britney, 23, and Shar,30- especially as Britney clearly loves and cuddles Kori,3, and Kaleb,1, the two children Kevin fathered with Shar.
“Kevin had this pie-in-the-sky idea that he, Shar, Kori, Kaleb, Britney, and Sean could be one big happy family,” a source tells Star people. “He wnats to raise all three of his kids together so that they grow up being close siblings”
Kevin may have been over-inspired by the brief thaw that took place on July 31. Britney and Kevin, having angered Shar by skipping Kaleb’s first birthday party, showed up smiling for the pony-ride-filled third birthday bash Shar threw for Korit. However, the love fest was short-lived.
“Shar and Brintey wouldn’t mind if they never heard each other’s names again,” the source says. “Britney adores Kori and Kaleb and she’s happy to have them over, but there’s no way she’s haiving Shar at her house.”
And it’s not as if Shar is beating a path to Britney and Kevin’s $7 million Malibu, Calif., estate, either.
“I think Shar has nothing but contempt for Britney,” the source says. “Shar has been pretty liberal with allowing the kids to visit Kevin and hang out with Britney because she wants them to have some resemblance of a normal relationship with their father.”
But the source adds,”It’ll be a cold day in hell before Britney and Shar do the mommy thing together. Britney has put her foot down.”

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