Can you believe people are paid to write this ****?!

Britney’s proved she’s in phenomenal shape for her “Piece Of Me” show in Vegas, but the latest rumor claims she’s throwing that all away for cheeseburgers and cheetos.

“Britney is insisting on Froot Loops, Pop-Tarts, Cap’n Crunch, Gatorade, Doritos and potato salad” during her stay at Planet Hollywood, a source tells Rats Star magazine.

“Plus In-N-Out cheeseburgers without buns, a life coach on call 24/7 and 200 fresh towels a day.”

It’s all a bunch of BS, but in the slim case it isn’t (pun intended), perhaps boyfriend David Lucado will help Brit stay on the straight and narrow (pun intended).

David “will live with the [her] during her residency,” said the alleged insider. “Her team is OK with it just as long as she’s happy – that’s all they want.”

According to the tab, Brit’s taking a massive entourage with her that includes a chef, an assistant, a driver, extra security, a voice coach, a hair stylist and makeup artist.

“Britney needs a lot of people working for her because this is such a huge show. It’s all been put in place to keep her going and make sure she can handle things.”

“She’s nervous, which is natural, but she’s feeling upbeat and excited!’ added the source. “This is going to be Britney’s biggest show ever.”