Britney Wants David Lucado On Payroll

A blind item published in March thought to be about Britney is resurfacing in the latest issue of Star magazine, which claims Brit’s new dude, David Lucado, is making money off being with Britney.

“She isn’t good on her own, and David fills the void left by Jason,” states an insider to Star. Britney, who’s secured a Las Vegas residency, “thinks David can manage her calendar… she’ll offer him a sweet deal so he’ll feel obligated to stick around.”

The blind item last month stated:

“She loves having a boyfriend and the only way she is going to meet someone who does not work for her is if someone arranges it. A few introductory meetings and a a coffee and then dates paid unknowingly by her. He gets paid $1000 a week which is twice as much as he was making at his last job.”

IF this is true, I think people don’t grasp that her normal life is worlds away from ours, and hanging out with Britney entails stories like this circulating and your personal life constantly investigated. That in itself comes at a cost…

Image: PacificCoastNews

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