Some new details on Britney’s Star Academy performance in France have come to light!

Unfortunately, it’s all in French. For all I know it could say “Jordan you’re a d-bag and your site *****.” Lucky for us a fellow Britney fan has translated!

Nathalie Andre, a rep for Star Academy, says Britney and her team have been negotiating this performance since May – though confirmation was only announced just 2 weeks ago. And the staff is already gearing up for Britney’s arrival! The crew is constantly rehearsing Britney’s entrance, as well as beefing up security for that night’s show.

Andre did reveal she fears a last minute cancellation (apparently Madonna was recently scheduled to perform on the show, then backed out last minute), but mentioned Britney, thus far, is “no diva.”

On the show, Britney will reportedly have a small chat with contestants and answer a few questions from the show’s host before her performance. The show will begin with segment about Britney’s 10-year career, followed by her performance singing “Womanizer” which features her dancers and flashy pyrotechnics.

Basically, this performance is gonna be the ****!

Check out a video of the details HERE.

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