Stalker – Daniel Lachance Returns To Louisiana

August 17, 2004 By Jordan Miller is reported that: Daniel Lachance wants to marry Britney Spears. But first Lachance wants to try clearing his name, which is why he sat on a Greyhound bus for 42 hours last week and risked arrest by visiting Hammond for two days.

Lachance, who hopped between two motels to stay a step ahead of police, returned to Louisiana to speak with the media. His message, which came in a French Canadian accent: “I didn’t do what they said I did.”

What they said the 25-year-old did is show up at Spears’ mother’s house on April 12 and her father’s house on April 27.

Both live in the pop starlet’s childhood hometown, Kentwood. Lachance was booked on stalking and trespassing counts both times, earning a nickname he shares with a few other of her most-zealous fans: “The Britney Spears Stalker.”

“I’m not the stalker,” he said. “You need months and months of sneaking around and trying to know about the person. I just went once with flowers. To do stalking you have to do way worse than I did.”

Lachance pleaded no contest in June to two counts of stalking and was given a 6-month suspended sentence on the conditions that he go directly to the airport, fly home, get counseling and never return to Kentwood.