In an interview with, “Spring Breakers” director Harmony Korine says Britney’s music, which is featured twice in the movie, is deeper than the public’s preconceived notion.

He also says her persona is comparable to an energy.

Pitchfork: You chose Britney Spears as a thread, but her music really predates the teenage girls featured in the film. Why Britney?
HK: Britney was the forebear to this pop insanity that seems to have taken over, she’s the best at that. This might sound crazy, but there’s something much more complicated in her music. On the surface, it’s poppy and airless and morose and beautiful, but underneath, I always felt like there was a violence and a pathology.

Pitchfork: She’s kind of a tragic American hero now.
HK: It’s weird, though. She’s more like magic now. I don’t view her as tragic. She’s almost more than a person– she’s like an energy.

Really cool answers and refreshing as hell to hear someone other than a stan say her music isn’t basic.

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