Spotify unleashed its Wrapped list, giving users the opportunity to take a walk down memory lane and revisit their most played artists/songs of 2018.

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Spotify Wrapped not only narrows down your Top 5 most-listened to artists, songs and genres, but creates a playlist of your 100 most-streamed songs.

It also tallies how many minutes of music you listened to on the streaming platform since January 1st (mine was 89,373 minutes – up 18% from last year. Ya boy is doing his job! It’s worth mentioning the first song I played this year was Britney Spears’ “Heaven On Earth.” Taste! The first artist I discovered was Lil Xan. Poor taste.)

I’m going to share with you my most-streamed songs list. It feels like I’m publishing a page from my journal, but it’s an exercise in humility I’m willing to entertain.

I’ll get right to it because I can already sense your judgy eyes (YES, YOU). It’s “Montana,” a track off Justin Timberlake’s most-recent album, Man Of The Woods. I was really feeling flannel I guess. Looking back, I can’t explain my fixation with it. “Montana,” not flannel, silly. Perhaps it’s the kick drum, JT’s falsetto, or that it reminded me of The 20/20 Experience (underrated). Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo’s production on it is understated, but it’s got a swagger that “Filthy” tried and failed. I’ve never seen the Internet turn on JT like it had when Woods first rolled out. Maybe it was the disappointing Super Bowl set, maybe it was the confusion between his woodsy Nashville visuals competing against Timbaland’s 808s, maybe because the “Supplies” video just made absolutely no f–––ing sense. None of that’s relevant after listening to “Montana,” one of my favorite JT tracks of all-time and my most played track of 2018.


My Top 10 makes far more sense to me. Coming in at No. 2. is Kelly Clarkson’s Meaning Of Life track, “Didn’t I,” followed by at Panic! At The Disco’s “High Hopes,” Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left To Cry” and Britney Spears’ “Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) respectively.

At No. 6 is Lady Gaga’s “Look What I Found,” followed by 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Youngblood,” Kim Petras’ “In The Next Life” and Demi Lovato’s “Games.” Nicki Minaj’s Queen cut “Good Form” rounds out the Top 10 (scroll through the full list of 100 at the bottom of the post).

An artist I’d like to give special attention to this year is Kim Petras. Six of her songs landed in my Top 100, most of which appear on her spooktacular Halloween-themed EP, Turn Off The Light. The record was produced by Dr. Luke, which is obviously problematic considering the allegations against him, however there’s no denying that Kim and Luke make music magic together. I love an internal struggle.

Other stats you should know about? Unsurprisingly, Britney Spears was my Top Artist of the year. It says I logged 89 hours of Britney time. I get a lot of flack still for transitioning BreatheHeavy from a Britney fansite to a pop music news blog, but if this doesn’t prove my fandom I don’t know what will. Queen 4 lyfe.

Honorable mention to Panic! At The Disco. Frontman Brendon Urie (and fellow Las Vegan) created one of the band’s most cohesive, energetic albums to-date with Pray For The Wicked. Their label invited me to check out the guys’ show during their stop in Vegas, and my *** didn’t touch the seat for 90 minutes.

Often times, I get so consumed in the fast-paced music news cycle that I forget to stop and smell the roses. As a music critic, journalist, professional Instagrammer, whatever I am, I tend to judge a song’s structure and lyrical content instead of simply enjoying it for what it is. We’re inundated with new tunes every week, which muddies the waters and hides gems that genuinely deserve our undivided attention. Spotify’s Wrapped list is a much-needed reminder that the music community put out some incredible music in 2018.

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Want to see YOUR stats?

■ Visit from your phone or computer.

■ Log into Spotify.

■ Spotify will start to show you info on the music you played in 2018, starting with the first song you played.

■ Tap the down arrow to move through all of your stats. There are ~ 14 pages. The last one will show you the artists and songs you listened to most.

See y’all in the new year!

What are YOUR top songs? Let us know in the comments below!

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