We all are well aware of the “is she or isn’t she?” scandal that occured last week. X17 published shocking photos of Britney that revealed what looked to be a giant baby-bump that seemingly appeared overnight, while smoking a cigarette outside her Beverly Hills home.

A “spokesperson” for Britney (I’m pretty sure I’m her only spokesperson right now… but anyway) wants to clear the air of the pregnancy scandal in a statement to The Sun: “I want to make completely clear that Britney is not pregnant. There’s not going to be a statement – she’s just not.” Sounds like a statement to me!

A friend close to Britney, aka the same “spokesperson” goes on to say “It’s a mix of water retention, unflattering clothes and people liking to analyze everything she does. Britney’s getting herself together slowly but surely and isn’t going to mess that up. She’s far too busy to even be thinking about a baby right now.”

And there you have it! She didn’t go to Costa Rica to ya know… fix it. Just a little rest and relaxation.

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