The girls reportedly already signed contracts confirming so.

The Spice Girls Reunion Tour is back on?

Victoria Beckham went on the record last week and said, no, The Spice Girls are not embarking on a reunion tour. Read more about that here.

Yet, here we are, with a new report from TMZ claiming the Spices have signed contracts for a reunion tour.

“Sources connected to the group tell us, Mel B signed on the dotted line last Friday and we’re told the other members signed as well,” they report.



It’s worth mentioning that TMZ claims to have knowledge of the specifics of said contract as well. It includes the number and location of concerts and compensation. Would TMZ lie?

Meanwhile, Variety published a new report today (Feb. 15) and also claim to have inside knowledge of whether a tour is happening.

According to them, it’s not, and that talks of a reunion tour are “premature.”

They said the ladies are “not even expected to be in the same city to meet about future plans until April” and added that their agency, CAA, has nothing on the books for a tour.

At this point I’m too exhausted to speculate whether it’s happening or not. Just hit ya boy up when there’s a presale announced. I’ll literally dump my savings account purchasing tickets.

Now if we can only get confirmation on the girls making new music…

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