The Spice Girls are re-releasing their videos in 4K.

Honestly, 2019 has been a little rough to pop music, but I sense a balance in the force thanks to an ace by move by The Spice Girls. They announced plans to release their music videos in 4K.

‘How can videos filmed 20 years ago use present-day technology?’ It’s a good question, and there’s a lengthy explanation of how it’s done here. Basically, older footage shot on film still maintains an incredibly high resolution.

This news is also well-timed. The Spice Girls are currently embroiled in a scandal after Mel B reportedly said she had *** with Geri back in the day. It threatened to derail the ladies’ upcoming tour (the girls are fighting teas), but their PR machines went in high gear to deny that. THE SHOW MUST GO ON. And it’ll do so in 4K…

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