Speechless… A Restraining Order?

June 25, 2007 By Jordan Miller

An X17 source confirms that Britney is set to file papers for a restraining order against her mother Lynne, in an attempt to keep her mom away from her two sons. Our source tells us that the paperwork is completed and that Britney is claiming her mother is abusing prescription pain medication and that she should be kept away from Sean and Jayden. The papers are supposed to be filed today or tomorrow.

Oh, and the supposed “reconciliation” between mom and daughter a couple weeks back, word is, Britney wasn’t expecting that visit from her mom and sister and that she was not happy with the surprise.

Apparently Britney’s fuming over her mother’s visits with the kids at Kevin’s house. She feels it gives time to her ex and her mom to plot against her, as she claims they did earlier this year to force her in to rehab. The restraining order is obviously a last-ditch attempt to get full custody of her kids, which Britney so desperately wants.

Source: X17

I don’t know what to say, for once.