Paparazzi have been staking out a home in Paradise Valley. A very spoiled Chihuahua has been spotted at Hilton Village in Scottsdale. Britney Spears is in town, and she has been busy shopping, which means, of course, that it was my professional duty to see exactly what she bought. (The American celebrity obsession is a dangerous drug: I can’t dance like Britney Spears, but I can own the same candle.)

Everyone said she was so very nice, so totally showing, and so surprisingly scruffy in her omnipresent sweatpants, which meant she was rarely recognized until her assistant trotted out her credit card.

• From Essentials and More, Britney picked up this Chester makeup case, $28.
• Britney grabbed this Bella Mama Pregnant Belly Oil, $23 at Essentials and More, to rub all over her much-mimicked midriff.
• Brit’s got something in common with Oprah: a passion for gorgeously packaged Seda France candles, $28 at Essentials and More.
• Is it a boy? Everything Britney bought at the Willows’ was baby blue. (The shop staff says Britney told them it was a boy. Of course, at the time, they didn’t know whom they were asking.)
• She must be taking etiquette lessons, learning to wear shoes out in public and prepping to send thank-you notes. She bought stationery for eight, at the Willows’.
• Brit brought Bit Bit, her Chihuahua, to Mackie’s Parlour, a Pet Boutique, where she bought a Swarovski-crystal-trimmed dog vest, $66, and crown, $110. (Bit Bit also got a little doggie dress, which she left the store wearing.)
• Local designer Emily Austin just nabbed a famous new client. Spears bought one of Austin’s trademark Swarovski-crystal heart necklaces, $176 at the Willows’

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