She may have caused a ruckus among parents after being caught driving with baby Sean Preston on her lap, but if there’s one person who supports Britney Spears’decision, it’s hubby Kevin Federline who insists that she’s a great mother.

Spears incensed parents when she was caught on tape driving with Sean Preston in her lap in February this year. Under US law, Britney committed an offence.

However, hubby Kevin Federline insists that Spears is a “very good mother”, and that he would support her decision to drive with her baby in her lap if she ever decided to do so again.

“What those magazines (that printed the damning photographs) don’t tell you is that Starbucks is a minute from the house. If she feels like she gotta take the baby and put him on her lap and get out of there, so be it. I’d say she plays mama real well… She’s a very good mother,” Contactmusic quoted him, as telling GQ magazine.

Well, it sees that with baby no2 on the way, it might not be necessary, for one of the items on her new online baby gift registry list is a car seat.


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