A prominent portion of the Swedish press have plans to boycott Britney’s upcoming “Circus” show in Stockholm, Sweden, according to new reports.

Jamie Spears’ camp demands photographers at the show sign a contract that gives them the copyright to the pictures, allowing the option to sell the photos as well as choose what ones are published.

‘If we don’t sign the contract we are not allowed to take photos,’ says Dagens Nyheters’ head of photography, Roger Turesson (DN is the biggest newspaper in Sweden).”

According to the source, the contract vendors must sign is “very detailed.”


– “No pictures from the concert can be published after 30 days.
– No pictures can be sold forward, that pictures that the organizer sees as offensive to the artist can not be published.
– And that Spears gets the ownership to the pictures that they like.”

“The demands from concert organizers grow all the time. Before we agreed not to sell the pictures forward to posters and the like but this we cannot accept, Turesson says.”

Two large tabloids in Stockholm, Expressen and Aftonbladet, are boycotting coverage of the concert as well.

“Picture agencies are not overall welcome to the concert as they would sell the pictures forward.”

“Overall we should boycott the concert as a whole, and not write about the concert at all. That’s what they did in Germany and the contract was quickly waived, said Mans Brunius of picture agency Scanpix.”

“It has happened before that the organizer has waived the contract in Sweden. It is possible that there is a solution but it depends on them, says Roger Turesson.”

AEG Live, Britney’s concert organizer, claim they only forward the contract given from Britney’s management, as “they own the right.”

“I think it’s just as sad every time that I have to send out one of these contracts. I’m doing everything I can to get rid of them, says Louise Vanerell, the publicist for AEG Live.”

Because they want more $$$$$$$$!

Brit is due in Stockholm, Sweden July 13.

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